Middle aged man replacing water pipe inside the broken wallMost homeowners don’t think about their plumbing systems until problems like discolored water or low water pressure arise. There may be a time when pipe replacement is the best way to restore the functionality of a plumbing system.

Pipes won’t last forever, regardless of their quality. Roto-Rooter has decades of experience replacing and repairing pipes. Consider the guide below to learn what to do if you suspect your pipes need replacement.

Signs You Need Pipe Replacement

Noticeable damage on exposed pipes, such as dimpling, discoloration, and flaking, often indicates the need for pipe replacement. You could also replace your plumbing for the following reasons.

Old Age

Your plumbing’s life expectancy depends on its materials. For example, galvanized steel water supply lines can last up to 100 years. PVC drain lines will last up to 40 years.

It’s a good idea to replace old pipes. Though you can extend the plumbing’s lifespan with proper maintenance, pipes will eventually wear out.

Plumbing Issues with Exterior Pipes

The property’s pipes extending away from your house also suffer problems warranting replacement. Water and sewer lines can develop serious clogs or tree root intrusion, causing extensive damage. A plumbing professional can conduct a video camera inspection to evaluate the damage and advise you about replacing the pipes.

Home Remodeling

Some home renovations require updated plumbing that your current system can’t handle. The renovation process presents the perfect opportunity to schedule a thorough plumbing inspection.

If any pipes need replacement, the plumber can handle the task while you’re working on the rest of your home. When contractors break down walls and pull up flooring, it gives plumbers access to hidden pipes. You can rest assured that your plumbing can handle your home’s upgrades.

Steps to Take Before Replacing Your Plumbing System

If you suspect your house needs pipe replacements, learn about the extent of your problem. That way, you can be sure which pipes need to be replaced and avoid plumbing complications in the future.

You should also consider your local laws. Each county, municipality, and state have its own regulations regarding the type of plumbing that residential properties can have. For instance, you can’t install pipes that affect the city’s sewer system without authorization.

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After clearing your plumbing changes with authorities, set a budget. Major plumbing projects can be costly, depending on your choice of materials and plumbers.

Contact a Plumbing Professional to Replace Your Home’s Pipes

You might feel confident in DIY pipe repair to address a small leak. However, replacing water lines or corroded pipes is something you should leave to professionals. Plumbing systems are complex, and replacing pipes without experience could harm your pipe network, drinking water, and water bill.

Don’t search online for an “emergency plumber near me” and risk hiring an inexperienced plumber to replace your pipes. Roto-Rooter has over 85 years of industry experience, and our skilled plumbers can fix any plumbing issue in Columbia, TN.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Contact your Mule Town Plumbers today at (931) 330-2060 for a free estimate or schedule your appointment online.