Plumbing Excavation Services in TN

Plumbing and excavation often go hand-in-hand due to the numerous pipes being underground. In many cases, a plumber can handle plumbing issues without trenching residential or commercial properties. However, plumbing excavation services are necessary to keep sewer lines running smoothly.

An excavation project requires professional services, which Roto-Rooter can provide. Our team includes excavator contractors with ample experience digging existing pipelines for various reasons, including pipe leak repairs and septic tank installation. We are the go-to source for reliable plumbing excavation throughout Jackson and Columbia, TN, and the surrounding areas.


Most properties have underground drains and water lines. Drain cleaning can address many issues. However, some need excavation services to give plumbers direct access to the pipeline.

The excavation process requires careful planning. Our excavation contractors use various equipment to remove dirt to reveal the pipeline, including high-pressure water, mini-excavators, and backhoes.

Many pipes can be several feet underground. Therefore, we make sure to have the right equipment and tools to complete the job, whether it’s repair services or preventative measures.


At Roto-Rooter, our excavation service includes the professional attention you expect from qualified professionals with years of hands-on experience. We offer water and sewer line excavation for residential, commercial, and municipal sectors. We service Jackson and Columbia, TN, and the surrounding areas.

We are a fully licensed and insured plumbing service with 24/7 emergency availability. Our technicians understand that plumbing excavation can be a messy job. However, our professional excavation services, plumbing expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment will fix your water, sewer, or gas line needs.

No matter your issues, our team can quickly reach, diagnose, and treat your underground pipe problems. Our team has a reputation for providing exceptional services, leading to thousands of satisfied customers.

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Sewer and water lines can sustain damage that requires excavation service for several reasons. For instance, old clay, metal, or concrete pipes can degrade or rust over time and require replacement. To reach the pipes, we will have to remove the soil around the lines and move them into a debris tank.

Other reasons to request our sewer or drain excavation solutions include:

  • Leaky pipe joints
  • Collapsed or broken pipes
  • Tree roots infiltrating pipes
  • Restricted water flow from a clog
  • Deteriorated pipes
  • Sunken lines due to poor soil conditions


No job is too big or too small for our Roto-Rooter team. We have the skills, safety gear, and equipment to repair, replace, or install underground pipelines. Furthermore, we take care to cause minimal disruption to your property.

We strive to formulate stress-free plumbing solutions. As such, we will obtain all required permits and inspections to ensure your system is up to code and fully functional.

Our excavation contractors are available to handle all of your plumbing needs that require excavation. Roto-Rooter serves Jackson and Columbia, TN, and the surrounding areas. Contact our plumbing company today for more information.

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