See What’s Lurking Below: Roto-Rooter’s Video Camera Inspection for Drains

Do you face residential or commercial plumbing problems because of a clogged or broken pipe? The local plumbers at Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup resort to a video camera inspection to help locals in Columbia, Tennessee. Discover how video inspections assist with drain cleaning services, leak repairs, sewer line services, and more in this helpful guide. When to Call a Professional for Sewer Line Video Inspections Plumbing professionals warn that homeowners should look out for the following issues that require hydro-jetting or septic tank maintenance with the help of a camera: Weak water pressure Sewage backup Slow-draining plumbing fixtures Pooling ... Read More

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance: Why It Matters and How Roto-Rooter Can Help

Residential and commercial plumbing systems are intricate networks with pipes, drains, and appliances. Sometimes things go wrong, resulting in a compromised septic system, plumbing leaks, poor water flow, and other major problems that lead to costly repairs. For this preventative plumbing maintenance can help resolve plumbing issues before they spiral out of hand. Roto-Rooter Plumbing Jackson, TN is a five-star-rated plumbing company serving greater Jackson, Tennessee. With us, you can get valuable plumbing maintenance tips or have a professional plumber from our staff manage all your maintenance needs. The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Plumbing System Preventative plumbing maintenance ... Read More

From Leaky Leaks to Clogged Creaks: Signs You Need a New Toilet

Do you think you have a broken toilet but aren't sure? You'd benefit from knowing the signs you need a new toilet. At Roto-Rooter in Jackson, TN, we can provide you with all the answers about toilet leaks and your plumbing system in general. If you notice any of the following signs, call us to replace your toilet. Signs You Need Toilet Replacement Stay vigilant about these signs that you need toilet repairs or a replacement toilet (depending on the nature and severity of the problem). Old Age Toilets should last a few decades, but after about 25 years, the average toilet starts experiencing ... Read More

Leak Detection Done Right: Spot Hidden Plumbing Issues with Roto-Rooter

Is your water meter ticking up even when you're not using water? You could have hidden plumbing leaks slowly, raising your water bill and damaging your property. At Roto-Rooter in Columbia, TN, we can expertly find and repair a hidden leak. Keep reading to discover everything you should know about the process. The Dangers of Hidden Plumbing Leaks The biggest danger of a hidden plumbing leak is the threat it goes undetected. Over time, this means you're paying significant money for water you're not using and even a small leak can cause serious property damage if it goes unaddressed. When water seeps into your home, it can cause serious problems! Most Common Causes of ... Read More

Top Questions Answered: Understanding Your Sump Pump’s Essentials

Many homeowners have a sump pump in their houses to keep an area dry when it's prone to collecting water. These fixtures will be the first line of defense if your basement or crawl space frequently floods, but not many people understand how they work or how to care for them. Get your sump pump questions answered in this helpful guide from Roto-Rooter Jackson, TN. Frequently Asked Questions About Sump Pumps Protect your home or business from flooding with a heavy-duty drainage system. Discover basic information about sump pumps and how they can benefit you. What Are Sump Pumps? A ... Read More

What Causes Knocking Sounds in My Water Heater?

If you hear strange noises coming from your water heater's tank, sediment buildup and mineral deposits are likely to blame. Addressing a knocking sound in water heater systems is one of the most common requests people have for the plumbers at Roto-Rooter Columbia, TN. Discover what causes this issue and how experts can silence your water heater and make it work more efficiently. Hearing a Knocking Sound in Water Heater Tanks: What Causes It and How To Fix It It's not normal for your water heater tank to make a knocking noise when it runs. While this problem seems serious, ... Read More

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