Sump Pump Replacement And Installation

A sump pump is a device that sits in or just above a sump pit in your home. When melting snow or heavy rains threaten to flood your home, the pump relocates the water to a safe distance from your home.

Some types and models of sump pumps last longer than others and are more resistant to flooding. However, proper maintenance can extend the life of your pump.

If you don’t have one, call your nearest Roto-Rooter and ask for a plumber to help you find one with the power you need to keep your basement dry.

When a sump pump is working and installed properly, the water pump should be able to remove excess water safely. However, if your pump is struggling, you might need a plumber from Roto-Rooter to sort the issue out. Additionally, if plumbing problems occur and cause a disruption to water flow out of the home, the pump might fail to keep water from backing up onto your basement floor.


If your current pump isn’t doing its job well, call a Roto-Rooter technician to safely inspect your pump and perform thorough sump pump troubleshooting. We provide exceptional plumbing repair services, including residential and commercial sump pump maintenance and sump pump repair service. We’re ready to tackle even the most challenging sump pump problems, so you can avoid sump pump troubleshooting.


Pumps are susceptible to several forms of damage, especially after years of service. For example, pedestal sump pumps, which sit above the sump pit, can stop working if they spend too long underwater in cases of severe flooding. Submersible sump pumps are more resilient.

Even rugged sump pumps fail if you encounter sump pump issues such as:

  • The motor giving out
  • The sensor that detects rising water levels malfunctioning
  • The pump becomes stuck in the on or off position

Our experienced Roto-Rooter technicians do whatever they can to avoid costly sump pump replacement. We first try to repair sump pumps with a simple cleaning or replacement part. If something else, like an obstructed pipe, is contributing to your basement flooding, we offer a comprehensive slate of plumbing services.

In some cases, faulty sump pump installation could cause your basement to flood, even if the pump has no structural problems.

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If you are worried about your pump losing power at a critical time, install a sump pump battery backup that will kick in when the primary power fails. For homes with high flood risk, a backup sump pump offers protection against flooding events that your everyday pump might not be able to handle.


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