Flooded Basement Cleanup in Greater Jackson & Columbia TN

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A flood in your basement might sound like a simple problem, but it can be devastating. It can occur anytime, from severe weather, a burst pipe, sewage backup, a faulty sump pump, or a clogged storm drain. Without professional assistance, basement floods can lead to serious issues, like mold growth and structural damage.

At Roto-Rooter, we care about our community and the damage a flooded basement can cause. That’s why we are the go-to source for dependable basement flood cleanup services in Jackson and Columbia, TN, and the surrounding areas. As expert plumbers, our highly trained technicians have a time-tested cleanup process to restore homes to their original condition after floods.


Our Roto-Rooter plumbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When your basement floods, our team will arrive at your property as soon as possible. Our trucks carry industry-leading equipment capable of handling the standing water removal process.

We have the means to extract water, dry the affected area, sanitize the flooded room, and test the air for excess moisture. Our skilled team can also repair broken pipes and provide water damage cleanup.

As a fully licensed and insured company, we take flooded basements seriously. We comply with the highest water restoration standards to ensure efficiency. Our highest priority is eliminating health risks and hazards due to floods.


The best way to handle a flood is to take prompt action. A couple of inches of water flowing into the basement usually means you must find and stop the source of the flood. Then you can remove salvageable belongings to prevent damage and call your courteous Roto-Rooter team for assistance.

However, if the water level is high enough to reach electrical outlets, you could sustain a nasty electrical shock if you touch the water. Though you should still give us a call, it would also be best to shut off the basement’s power and contact an electrician to prevent injury.

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Floods in a basement can occur for various reasons. For instance, sump pumps sometimes fail to handle heavy rainfall due to power outages or faulty equipment. This device should send water from the basement to a nearby drain, but that doesn’t always happen.

Insufficient drainage around the basement walls, plumbing leaks, sewer system issues, and foundation cracks could also be the problem.

Whatever the reason, it’s imperative to respond quickly to the flood to avoid complications. A damp basement can lead to:

  • Warped or weakened basement walls
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Exposure to harmful bacteria in sewage or wastewater
  • Foundation damage


A basement flooding emergency can lead to severe structural damage and health problems due to mold exposure. With our plumbing, sump pump, and cleanup services, Roto-Rooter can help you avoid serious complications from a basement flood. We have an impeccable reputation for our quality services, attention to detail, and customer care.

Roto-Rooter serves Jackson and Columbia, TN, and the surrounding areas, offering unmatched basement cleanup services. If your basement flooded due to plumbing issues or severe weather, contact our expert plumbers immediately.

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