Shower Repair In Tennessee

What makes a good bathroom in a home? Any bathroom is incomplete without a toilet, sink, and mirror. However, full bathrooms also require a shower to be fully functional.

Are you experiencing problems with your shower? Does your shower head need a replacement or maybe is your shower valve leaking? Don’t wait any longer and call Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup to repair your shower today. Our shower repair experts will ensure your home will have a well-functioning shower. 


There are multiple features that define an effective shower repair. Hiring the right company to perform these essential services helps avoid plumbing problems, like leaking fixtures and severe water damage, that improperly replaced showers often cause. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process and leverage their knowledge and skills to facilitate a seamless experience.

Shower Head

Repairing shower heads might seem as simple as screwing the feature to the suitable pipe, but the steps necessary for proper repair make it essential to hire professionals.

Before replacing the old shower head, discuss your water pressure, type of shower, and monthly expense preferences with your team. Rain shower heads typically utilize more water, while low-flow showerheads might be suitable for outdoor showers meant for a rinse. Aesthetically, picking a head that compliments your shower doors and shower valve is also an important consideration.

Shower Valve

If your shower valve is broken, there are three common warning signs that you should look out for. The most typical of these is dripping water after turning off the shower system. Turning the shower handle with difficulty, which gets worse over time, is another indication of a broken shower valve. Finally, the shower handle may “slip” or become stuck, making it impossible for you to turn on the water.

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Shower Repairs

Roto-Rooter offers various repair services, including:

Our experienced technicians can fix any issue with your bathroom, shower, or inner wall plumbing. Call today to learn how our shower repair benefits your bathroom.


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