Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Many pipe obstructions occur in places that are hard to access, causing water leaks or backups in different parts of your home or business. If you experience frequent clogs and sewer line backups, a sewer camera inspection might be the first step in solving your plumbing problems.

If a contractor or plumber tells you they have to physically expose your pipes to track down the source of a leak or blockage, contact Roto-Rooter and ask about sewer camera inspection.

We’re the plumbing company that homeowners in Jackson and Columbia, TN, turn to for pipe leaks, clogged drains, and more. Discover how we can use cameras to solve your most persistent pipe problems.


Professional sewer camera inspection involves inserting a sewer scope into your plumbing. The sewer scope is a flexible cable with a sewer camera at the end. A sewer camera allows a plumber to visualize the entire line for over 30 yards from the entry point. 

Visual inspection of sewer lines and drain lines is a cost-effective alternative to cutting into the pipes at different locations to pin down the source of a leak or obstruction. Visual identification of the obstruction is particularly beneficial if the blocked or leaky pipe is in the home’s foundation, buried under concrete.

Find Hidden Obstructions in Sewer Pipes

Sometimes tree branches, obstructions, and inadequate drainage outside your home cause water and sewage to become stuck in underground pipes. Filthy water can back up through the drain, potentially causing significant property damage. Drain cleaning or snaking often fails to remove large obstructions, forcing plumbers to cut into the sewer pipes. 

The scope transmits radio waves as it moves along the pipe. The waves penetrate dirt, rock, concrete, and hardwood to let the plumber know where the camera is when it picks up an obstruction. Once a professional Roto-Rooter plumber finishes an inspection, they will be able to bring other tools, possibly removing the obstruction without cutting into your pipes at all.

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Reduce the Cost to Repair Obstructed Sewer Lines

Modern technology allows plumbers to inspect the pipes from ground level or the vent stack, even if the plumbing systems are below ground. If plumbers can see the obstruction and pinpoint the cause before they start working, they can dig through or break up concrete only at the obstruction’s location.

The increased precision that video inspection makes possible saves you on the cost of labor and materials. The sewer camera inspection cost is nothing compared to the cost of tearing up walls and floors in search of a leak.


Not all plumbing companies offer sewer camera inspection. Roto-Rooter uses top-quality sewer cameras and imaging equipment to detect obstructions of any size. As a result, we are the leading sewer camera inspection company.

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