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Septic systems collect wastewater from your bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Without an efficient septic system, your landscaping will be a complete mess as sewage will spill everywhere.

To keep your tank working optimally, you need to take adequate steps to maintain it. This article will look at the best ways to maintain your septic tank.

Schedule Regular Septic Tank Pumping

You should pump your septic system every three to five years to prevent sewer backup. The pumping will remove solid and liquid waste in the tank and prevent outlet pipe blockage, and the pumping frequency depends on the traffic to the septic system.

It's not uncommon for large families to use a traditional septic system to pump their septic tank every year. The tank fills faster in such homes, which is also the case with commercial properties.

Be More Efficient with Water Usage

If you understand how a septic system works, you'll know that the tank can't handle too much water over a short window. Therefore, washing your car and using all the washing machines in your home at once in one day is not good for your septic tank's efficiency.

Too much water clogging the tank can overwhelm the drain field, resulting in sewage backup. Pumping a septic tank should be about removing solid waste, not water.

Pay Attention to What Goes into the Septic System

Female Plumbing Technician Repairing a toilet

Insoluble materials from toilet and bathroom drains and your garbage disposal can cause clogs and will lead to more frequent septic tank pumping. You should only flush down toilet paper and human waste into the septic system.

When you consider the cost of pumping a conventional septic tank, you'll understand why it's important to keep it from overflowing.

Schedule Regular Septic Tank Inspection

Proper septic tank maintenance goes beyond pumping it every few years. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you should inspect your tank every two to three years.

It's crucial to call in a septic service professional at least once a year to evaluate the entire plumbing system and your septic system. It's the best way to reduce the likelihood of frantically searching "emergency plumber near me" as wastewater floods your landscape.

A professional with a good understanding of how septic systems work will look beyond pumping waste to effectively evaluate your system's efficiency. Many septic tanks begin to deteriorate after a decade, and trained professionals can detect the level of deterioration and chart a course of action.

Get Your Septic Tank Pumped By Professionals

Septic tank pump out is the core of the maintenance approach for these systems. At Roto-Rooter Jackson, TN, you can trust us to pump your septic tank more quickly and protect the surrounding groundwater supplies. When necessary, we can extend our septic system maintenance and septic tank service to also include:

You can count on us when you need an emergency plumber for washing machine installation, dishwasher installation, and water damage cleanup.

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