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Ignoring a basement leak can lead to mold growth, musty smells, and damaged floors and walls. The leak can also damage any electronics or furniture you have down there. Therefore, it's important to keep the basement dry.

How can you achieve that? We'll look at the details in this article.

Top Ways to Prevent a Basement Leak

Improve the Drainage Around the Basement

Do you find water pools around your foundation during the rainy season? If so, you'll have to reconsider the drainage around the area. Be sure the soil around the foundation wall slopes away from the house.

Sump Pump Battery Backup System DiagramInstall a Sump Pump

A sump pump with battery backup can help prevent basement flooding.

Consider Installing a French Drain

French drains can help reroute water that makes its way toward the soil surrounding your basement, thus relieving hydrostatic pressure. However, you should consider this option after exploring ways to keep water runoff away from the foundation.

Prevent Pipe Leaks

Leaking kitchen drain pipeBroken piping can cause a basement leak. Check the lines in your basement; if you spot minor cracks, you can use duct tape to cover them up. For major cracks, you should call a plumber for a replacement.

You should also take steps to prevent frozen pipes and pipe bursting in cold weather.

Fix Cracks in Your Basement Walls

Cracked walls can absorb water. Patch any cracks in your basement walls with hydraulic cement, and use a moisture-resistant coating to finish the job.

Check for Cracks in the Basement Floor

Beyond your basement wall, you should check for floor cracks across the basement due to lateral pressure. If you spot any, you can use hydraulic cement to cover them up.

Check for Roof Damage

If you have serious roof damage, it's harder to prevent basement leaks. In many cases, a wet basement is due to a roof that's leaking water. Such roofs will strain foundation walls, basement floors, mortar joints, and more.

You should only proceed with basement waterproofing when you're confident that you've clogged all water sources.

Install an Exterior Drain Tile System

This pricier basement leak repair solution should be a last resort. It involves digging a trench around your basement and installing a perforated pipe inside.

Install a Vent Fan

Do you have a bathroom in your basement? The fan can help prevent moisture buildup.

Check your Window Wells

Basement window wells can retain water in properties with poor drainage. A plumber repairing drainage problems can prevent water retention.

Get Professional Help for Basement Leaks

Do you want to put crawl space or basement leaks firmly behind you? We can help. You can trust us for all your drainage system needs, from evaluating the basement leak to recommending the best leak repair options. You can also trust us for other plumbing solutions, including:

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