Cleaning up a water leak on the wooden floor with a green mop

plumbing leak can go unnoticed for a long time, leading to increased water bills, wet spots around your property, and structural damage. Though a slab leak or a leaking pipe behind a wall is tough to detect, there are ways to see if your pipes are losing water.

At Roto-Rooter, we know how hard it can be for homeowners to identify a water leak. The following tips will make the process easier.

Three Tips for Finding Hidden Water Leaks

Water Meter Test

Your water meter is an excellent leak indicator. This device tracks the amount of water a property uses. If your water bills are steadily increasing with no changes to your household’s water usage, you could have a significant water leak.

To get a meter reading and test for water leaks, figure out when no one will be home to use the water supply. You’ll need at least a three-hour block of time. During this period, ensure that no one is running faucets, the dishwasher, or the washing machine.

Go to the water meter, which may be inside a box flush with the ground in front of your house by the curb. It may also be inside your property by the water-main shut-off valve.

Write down the numbers shown on the meter. When the three hours are up, take another reading from the meter. If the second reading shows a higher number than the first, there is a water leak somewhere on your property.

Female Plumbing Technician Repairing a toiletFood Coloring in Toilets

Toilets can leak for a long time before homeowners realize the problem. Commodes waste lots of water through undetected leaks, including small leaks from the tank into the bowl.

Determine if you have a toilet tank leak by putting six drops of food coloring into the tank without flushing the toilet, and wait a minute. If the water in the bowl stains with the color, the toilet is leaking. The colored water means the toilet constantly runs, which can waste up to 30 gallons daily.

Infrared Camera Scan

It’s often challenging to locate water leaking behind walls. Even if water marks develop, they could indicate the presence of water in that area but not necessarily the leak’s location. However, infrared or thermographic cameras can help spot a damaged water pipe without breaking down walls.

Thermographic technology can detect small temperature changes by reflecting heat. If you suspect a pipe is leaking behind a wall, you can point the camera to the structure and detect cold spots that often indicate moisture. The technology is expensive, so you might benefit from hiring a plumbing company that can conduct the inspection.

To Fix Your Water Leak, Call a Professional Plumber in Jackson, TN

Reach out to an experienced plumber from Roto-Rooter instead of looking online for an “emergency plumber near me.” Our extensive knowledge of every plumbing system and industry experience helps us find hidden leaks. We’ll help you avoid unsightly water stains and an increased water bill.

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