Garbage disposals are convenient for discarding food scraps without adding more waste to the local landfill. With proper maintenance and proper usage, a garbage disposal unit should last many years. Take a few minutes to learn about garbage disposal use, care, and clean up before using it.

Clearing Out Food Waste

To prevent food buildup in the disposal, clean your garbage disposal by running the blades for five or ten seconds after putting waste into the garbage disposal. Run water from the faucet during the process and for twenty seconds afterward to flush out remaining food particles. Cold water is better than hot water for the blades.

To remove food waste that builds up on the sides of the disposal, pour ice cubes and rock salt into the disposal and let the disposal crush them. Pour cold water into the disposal, together with the ice cubes, and let the cold water wash the interior of the garbage disposal.

Put citrus peels and warm water in the garbage disposal after other waste to improve the odor. Use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to kill bacteria and absorb odors.

Dealing With Clogs

Garbage disposal use, care, and cleanup can prevent some clogs, but here’s what to do when clogs occur.

If your drain develops a clog, do not pour drain cleaner or other harsh cleaning chemicals down the drain because it will damage the garbage disposal blades and the plumbing system. Try plunging the sink to dislodge clogs, or use baking soda and vinegar as a natural cleansing agent.

If these methods do not work, avoid reaching into the garbage disposal with your hands.

Use and Clean Your Garbage Disposal Safely

Cut up any larger food items before putting them into the garbage disposal. Keep bowls, utensils, and other food items near the switch, so you do not accidentally turn it on while reaching for something. Do not use your garbage disposal if the splash guard is missing or broken.

Protecting the Blades

Avoid putting fibrous foods like corn husks or starchy foods such as potato peels into the garbage disposal because they can damage the blades.

Keep non-food items such as cigarette butts, utensils, napkins, and so on out of your garbage disposal. Avoid putting coffee grounds, cooking grease, and other things that could cause clogs down your drain. Manufacturers design garbage disposals only to deal with soft food debris that will break down.

When to Repair or Replace Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal is making unusual noises or is not breaking up food, it might be time to call a plumber. If it is tripping the circuit breaker frequently, producing smoke, or emitting a burning odor, call an emergency plumber who can quickly determine why your garbage disposal is not working.

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