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Despite the technicalities involved in sewer line repair and sewer line replacement, you can easily understand how essential these services are. Our team at Roto-Rooter explains the ins and outs with this guide to sewer line repair and replacement. Discover when you need our services and what we do when repairing sewer lines.

Reasons To Service a Sewer Line

Sewer line backup can occur for numerous reasons. Sewer line problems can range from a burst pipe to clogs; if you experience any of the below, then consider reaching out for sewer line repair services.


Corroded Old Sewer Lines lined upCorrosion

Corrosion occurs when the materials that make up an aging pipe wear thin and leave holes. Thankfully, most modern sewer lines consist of cast iron and steel, which resist corrosion for decades.

Unfortunately, even with better materials, the sewer pipe lining will eventually succumb to damage from mineral buildup and rust. The mineral deposits slowly eat away at the damaged sewer line, leaving weakened areas that leak.

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

As underground temperatures fluctuate, your home’s sewer line expands and contracts. This continuous but undetected movement slowly weakens the entire sewer line, leading to cracks and fractures. Repair and replacement can solve these issues.


A clogged sewer line is one of the more common sewer line issues a homeowner could face. Waste and mineral deposits collect along the pipe walls. Eventually, the buildup becomes so great that it prevents water and waste from filtering through.

Tree Root Infiltration

Another common reason behind a broken sewer line is tree roots infiltrating the pipe. Tree roots instinctively grow toward running water. Your existing sewer line could attract roots from old, mature trees nearby.

Indicators Of Damaged Sewer Lines

Some telltale signs of sewer line damage include:

  • Foul odors wafting from indoor drains or outdoor areas
  • Slow drainage
  • Seemingly random water damage occurrences
  • Flooded lawns

If you notice these indicators, request services from professionals.

Types Of Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

A sewer line repair company has numerous methods for addressing sewer backup and providing full sewer line replacement services. Below, you’ll find a few common repair techniques.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a method used to tackle extensively damaged pipes. This trenchless sewer repair method involves breaking apart the existing pipe and simultaneously replacing it with a brand-new one.

Before and after of Cured in Place Pipe liningPipe Lining

This method also called Zero Dig Pipe Lining or CIPP Lining involves placing an epoxy tube inside your current sewer pipe. The technicians then inflate the tube, making an effective replacement for pipes with minimal damage. This is the quickest way to repair sewer lines.

Other Sewer Line Repairs

If the technicians discover an issue with the main municipal sewer system, they must discuss a solution with the local government body. Additionally, they might take a different approach if your property features outdated clay sewer pipes.

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