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Following extensive water damage, you need to know which steps to take to begin the water damage cleanup process. Roto-Rooter’s water damage repair team lists some helpful tips to get you started.

Ways to Repair Water Damage in Your Home

Use the following tips to repair and mitigate damage while you await assistance from a water damage cleanup company.

Water Valve Shutoff#1. Cut Water Supply to the Burst Pipe

As soon as you notice standing water in your home, you should turn off your home’s water supply to limit continued damage. Do not turn it on again until a professional gives you the all-clear during the restoration process.

Common reasons for flood damage include:

  • Flooded washing machines
  • Sewer backup
  • Clogged gutters
  • Faulty sump pump

#2. Identify the Water Type

You could encounter three types of water causing structural damage:

  • Clean water comes from burst pipes and other drinking water supplies.
  • Gray water comes from drains and other water-waste infrastructure and could hold dangerous bacteria.
  • Black water comes from sewage infrastructure.

NB! Only professionals should handle gray or black water. If you have clean water from a leaking pipe, you may proceed. 

#3. Remove Belongings From the Affected Areas

Begin water damage cleanup efforts by removing all belongings from your flooded basement, bathroom, or other area. Place furniture outdoors in direct sunlight. Salvage photos and important documents for drying services.

Roto-Rooter Plumbers drying out water damaged room#4. Begin the Drying Process

Next, use squeegees to remove water from the affected area before drying wet flooring. Place box fans throughout the room. Leave windows open on dry, sunny days.

#5. Remove Porous Materials

Start water damage repair efforts by removing porous materials like damaged wood, drywall, carpet, and insulation. You may need personal protective equipment to do so. Regardless, porous materials soak up and retain water more readily than metal surfaces and must be replaced.

#6. Replace Damaged Structures

Stay aware of any warping, buckling, or damaged structures in the days following the water damage. You must remove these materials and replace them. They are beyond water damage repair services.

#7. Consider Moisture Detection Devices

Experts may recommend programming and installing moisture detection devices. This technology helps you track and locate damaged areas that may not show immediate damage.

Water Restoration expert extracting water while smiling#8. Remain Aware of New Mold Growth

Retain notes detailing areas of concern. For example, spaces located away from windows, ventilation, or other light sources are more vulnerable to mold infestation. Occasionally inspect these areas for mold spores. Contact your homeowners' insurance network if you find evidence.

#9. Contact Your Insurance Company

Regardless of the water damage's extent, contact your homeowner’s insurance company to get a flood insurance payout. This makes services and item replacement easier in the following few weeks.

Roto-Rooter Offers Comprehensive Water Damage Cleanup Solutions

Wondering, "What is water damage cleanup? How can I find water damage cleanup near me?" Whether you need water damage restoration service because a pipe burst or you have a sewage backup, we can help.

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