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Undetected water leaks can cause huge problems without you even knowing. A plumbing leak could lead to structural damage and, in turn, to wood rot and mold growth. Early detection from the Roto-Rooter team will allow us to repair the damage before it becomes a major problem.

Professional water leak detectors like our reliable team members have the tools and training to identify all problems within your plumbing system. You could have a tree root growing through your buried water line, or your water pipes could be too old. Whatever the case, our water leak detection company will work to restore plumbing service to your home as quickly as possible, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind.

Check Your Water Meter

A water meter test is the first step to figuring out your plumbing problems. Turn off all faucets, and don’t run your dishwasher or washing machine during this process. Take a look at your water meter and watch for any changes.

A major leak will show up immediately, whereas small leaks will take time to register. If you see nothing at first, wait two hours and then look again to see if your meter shows any changes. If it does, it’s time to move on to pinpoint the leak’s location.

Look for Signs of Water Leaks

Next, visually inspect your home for signs of a leak. You may find obvious evidence, like water leaking underneath your sink or water stains on the ceiling. Hidden water leaks could also result in wall discoloration or even puddles of water on your floors, which you may not notice unless you’re specifically looking for them.

Don’t Forget Outside Sources

You could still have a hidden water leak even if you don’t find any plumbing leaks inside your home. Check your outdoor water faucets for signs of leaking, then walk along your water supply line. If you find standing water in your yard, you could have a burst or leaking pipe requiring a professional plumber’s service.

Analyze Your Monthly Bills

You and your family use about the same amount of water each month between bathing, laundry, and washing dishes. You may use more water in the summer if you water your lawn or garden.

If your monthly water bill shows a recent spike without excess water usage, that’s a clear indicator you need to schedule professional leak repair.

What To Do If You Find a Water Leak in Your Home

Water leaks require service from an emergency plumber, whether you have a burst water pipe or a leaking toilet. Small plumbing problems quickly grow into large ones without professional water leak detection services. In winter, frozen pipes could burst and lead to big problems for your water supply.

Roto-Rooter provides comprehensive water leak detection and repair in Columbia and Jackson, TN. Contact our emergency team if you discover low water pressure or burst pipes.

For emergency service in the Columbia area, call (931) 330-2060. If you are in Jackson, call (731) 213-3611 for emergency service.