Columbia TN Video Camera Inspection

Do you face residential or commercial plumbing problems because of a clogged or broken pipe? The local plumbers at Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup resort to a video camera inspection to help locals in Columbia, Tennessee. Discover how video inspections assist with drain cleaning services, leak repairs, sewer line services, and more in this helpful guide.

When to Call a Professional for Sewer Line Video Inspections

Plumbing professionals warn that homeowners should look out for the following issues that require hydro-jetting or septic tank maintenance with the help of a camera:

  • Weak water pressure
  • Sewage backup
  • Slow-draining plumbing fixtures
  • Pooling water in the yard

All of these issues indicate a blockage in your system causing poor wastewater flow. You’ll likely endure unpleasant odors filling your home because of sewage backup and need the help of a professional to remove the clog and provide a slow drain fix. With a sewer inspection camera, plumbing contractors can figure out the scope of your project.

How Experts Approach a Sewer Camera Inspection During a Drain Cleaning or Septic Tank Pumping Service

Before they can repair your plumbing system, experts must perform a sewer camera inspection to get a well-rounded glimpse of the problem. They’ll send a specialized camera through the pipes via the closest access point and assess everything that the sewer cameras record. The inspection helps them identify clogs or obstructions in the pipe which helps them determine the best way to repair the problem.

If the cameras detect a large clump of hair in the pipe connected to your shower the hydro-jetting process will clear the clog without causing further damage to the pipe. However, If the sewer inspection camera shows tree roots in the sewer line experts have to take a different approach to repairing your sewer lines.

The Benefits of a Video Camera Inspection for Your Sewer Lines

Plumbing contractors resort to video camera inspections for drain pipes and sewer lines because of the many benefits they provide, mainly:

  • Minimal damage: A sewer camera inspection offers a safe and effective way to identify issues and avoid expensive repairs and water damage restoration. This innovative solution paves the way for other non-invasive services, such as zero-dig pipe restoration rather than a messy excavation that could lead to a pipe bursting.
  • Improved results: It’s much easier to solve a plumbing problem when you can clearly identify obstructions in the sewer line, which is only possible with a video inspection.
  • Customized solutions: Cameras may locate roots from trees obstructing your sewer line or a natural clog in your pipe. Experts use these findings to recommend a treatment.

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