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Over time, your sink drains and shower drains collect food waste, hair, and other particles. This debris can clog your drains, and a clogged drain can damage your pipes and plumbing. So the team at Roto-Rooter of Columbia, TN, is here to answer the question, "How often should I have my drains cleaned?"

How Often Should You Clean Your Drains?

We recommend you clean your drains at least once a year. Annual drain cleaning will keep your kitchen sink, bathroom sink showers, and garbage disposal properly working and free of hair, dirt, and food particles. You should flush your drains at least twice per year if you have multiple people in your home.

What Does Drain Cleaning Involve?

Modern drain cleaning involves two methods: cabling or hydro jetting. With cabling, the plumbers use a drain snake tool to break up major clogs and clear pipes. Hydro jetting consists of using a high-pressure hot water jet to break apart and flush away drain clogs. Either way, the final result is your drain pipes will be free of blockages. A typical cleaning session should take less than an hour.

What Are the Benefits of Drain Cleaning?

Below are just a handful of the benefits of regularly cleaning your drains.

Fix Slow Drains

Water draining slowly is a clear sign you need cleaning. A slow drain might create pools of standing water, which can leak out of your shower or sinks if left for too long. A slow drain also doesn’t drain water fast enough to clean clogs.

Protect Your Pipes from Damage

Lastly, having your drains cleaned regularly can prevent damage to your pipes. A pipe bursting or cracking can be expensive to fix, meaning drain cleaning services are like a good insurance policy against repairs.

Prevent Clogs from Forming

A major clog can damage your plumbing and cause backflow and flooding. Backflow is especially concerning when it comes from your sewer line because raw sewage is a health hazard.

Can I DIY Clean My Drains?

Yes, you can  DIY clean drains with vinegar, baking soda, and hot water. Prepare the mixture in a bucket and pour it down the drain. Wait about 20 to 30 minutes for the liquid to break up the drain clog and flush with hot or warm water. Repeat this process until the clogs are cleared.

However, some clogs will require a professional to dislodge them. Professional cleaners have the equipment and special chemicals to break up clogs and prevent clogs from forming. A professional can also clean multiple drains simultaneously, saving you time and money.

Drain Cleaning Near Me

Now that you know the answer to “How often should I have my drains cleaned?” take the next step. Roto-Rooter of Columbia, TN, offers both residential and commercial plumbing for an affordable and fair price. Whether you need leak repair or want to replace your sewer system, our plumbing professionals can meet your emergency plumber needs.

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