Signs You Need a New Toilet in Jackson TN

Do you think you have a broken toilet but aren’t sure? You’d benefit from knowing the signs you need a new toilet.

At Roto-Rooter in Jackson, TN, we can provide you with all the answers about toilet leaks and your plumbing system in general. If you notice any of the following signs, call us to replace your toilet.

Signs You Need Toilet Replacement

Stay vigilant about these signs that you need toilet repairs or a replacement toilet (depending on the nature and severity of the problem).

Old Age

Toilets should last a few decades, but after about 25 years, the average toilet starts experiencing problems. Older toilets cause inefficient flushing, increasing your water usage and bills. An old toilet begins developing several problems like slow flushing, frequent clogs, or becoming a running toilet.

Constant Repairs

If your toilet requires frequent repairs, you’ll likely save money in the long term if you replace your toilet. Use the opportunity to upgrade to a more water-efficient toilet and save money on your utility bills in the process.

Cracked Toilet Bowl or Tank

Your toilet tank and bowl hold a constant supply of water, so a crack in either part can cause significant water damage and provide one of the clearest signs you need a new toilet. It also means mold and mildew can develop on your floor.

Requiring Multiple Flushes

If your toilet requires more than one flush, you’re using more water than you need and may have a clogged toilet. Consider upgrading to a toilet with a dual flush feature. This has water-saving benefits because you can choose to use more water for solid waste and less water for liquid waste.


Even the smallest leaks in your toilet can cause widespread damage. A trickle of water from your toilet can seep into your floor and cause mold growth or rotting that damages its structural integrity.

Increased Water Bill

From a leaking bowl to a faulty toilet fill valve or inefficient water usage, if you notice your water bills increasing, replacing your toilet can help.

Constant Clogging

If you’re constantly unclogging your toilet, you can try clearing your pipes first. If that doesn’t work, upgrading to a newer toilet should help.

Mineral Deposits

Many cities have hard water which can cause minerals to build up in your tank and bowl. They can build up even with weekly cleaning and cause it to run less efficiently. Try repairing the damage from the mineral deposits first, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll need a replacement.

Roto-Rooter in Jackson, TN, Provides Reliable Toilet Installation

Now that you know the signs you need a new toilet, you’ll know when you should call an emergency plumber for leak repair. At Roto-Rooter in Jackson, TN, we provide access to the best local plumbers who can expertly complete a wide variety of services. From septic tank pumping to sewer line services and drain cleaning, they work hard to exceed your expectations.

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